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Taxi Travel

In 2013, the government imposed new regulations on taxis in Budapest. All taxi rates have been standardized so that there should be no difference in the cost of hailing a taxi on the street or ordering one by phone. Additionally, all taxi cars have to be yellow, and older cars are being phased out of service. All taxi companies here have English-speaking operators. The base fare is 450 Ft, it’s 280 Ft per kilometer and the waiting fee is 70 Ft per minute. Uber began operating in Budapest in 2014 but the social ride search company was not exactly warmly received; public protests led to a government ban and in the summer of 2016, Uber announced that it will suspend operations in Hungary indefinitely.


City Taxi. Budapest, Budapest. 1/211–1111;

Taxi 2000. Budapest, Budapest. 1/200–0000;

6x6 Taxi. Budapest, Budapest. 1/666–6666;


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