Carriearl Restaurant


Carriearl Restaurant

Guests who discover Carriearl Restaurant are pleasantly stunned that a restaurant of such charm and caliber just happens to be on their tiny island. The warm and capable couple from Manchester, restaurateur Martin "Dronzi" Dronsfield and former British Airways flight attendant Angie Jackson, have managed to fashion one of the Bahamas' most illustrious beachside mansions into a gem of culinary and visual delight. Around the bar, conviviality abounds. Succulent fresh seafood is served with aplomb, yet it's the variety and quality of the international cuisines that many guests applaud. Carriearl's pizzas are the talk of the town. On her years flying around the world, Angie collected a treasure of fascinating exotic art, wall coverings, and sculptures. With them, she's created an eclectic ambience that spreads from the hotel's living area across pretty tables, into the cozy bar, spilling out onto the poolside terraces. Service is eagle-eyed, responsive, and amiable. Marty's bar is clearly the best-stocked on the island, tempting you to challenge the man's mixology skills. You'll be spreading the word about Carriearl's for days, or more likely, years.


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